PPE is an undergraduate interdisciplinary degree that consists of studies in the fields of philosophy, politics, and economics. It is one of the most prominent and difficult degrees in the UK.

Did you know?
A large number of UK Prime Ministers and prominent officials graduated from the Oxford PPE program, including David Cameron, Ed Miliband, and Lord Heseltine.

Who is PPE designed for?

PPE is designed for students that are interested in, but not limited to, a career in government, social policy, academia, law, and think tanks. The wide-range of skills and knowledge that students gain from such a degree also makes them attractive in the job market in general.

Schools with PPE:

The following universities are some of the prominent PPE-providers:

University of Oxford

King’s College London

London School of Economics

University College London

University of Exeter

Durham University

University of Warwick

University of Manchester

The PPE Application Process

PPE is one of the most popular courses in the UK, and the number of positions open in universities have not changed for years, despite sharp increases in the number of applicants. As such, students are recommended to begin preparing for their application at least a year before the UCAS application window opens. The following discussion are directly applicable to the Oxford application; however, depending on the specifics, the same requirements can also be applied to other universities. Whether or not all of the following steps need to be completed

Step 1: Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)

The TSA is an important assessment needed for applying to some of the top universities in the UK. These are generally conducted in November each year, and the sign-up process generally begins in October.

Step 2: UCAS Application

UCAS is the application system that is used in the UK by all universities. The UCAS system allows you to use one application to apply to up to five different universities. You need to submit your academic qualifications on the system and complete your personal statement as well. The personal statement should contain your motivation and your relevant skills and experiences that makes you the right candidate for PPE. The UCAS application window opens around September each year.

Step 3: Interviews

Once you have submitted your application, the Oxford admissions officers will begin screening the applicants. If they believe you are a potential candidate right for the program, you will be invited to participate in the admissions interview. This will be announced around January each year.

There are three major aspects that are important for your admissions interview:

1. Motivations: The first aspect that the interviewer is looking for is your ability for self-reflection. The questions asked and the activities you need to perform will reflect on your academic capabilities, motivations, interests, the ability to think independently, and the ability for self-reflection.

2. Logical Thinking: The second is that you will need to demonstrate logical thinking, analysis, and evaluation. The interview questions will generally also test your ability to think-on-the-stop and your general cognitive abilities.

3. Communication Skills: Finally, the interviewer will also be observing your ability to communicate clearly in oral and written English, and your ability to listen attentively and carefully.

How to Prepare?

So, how do you prepare for all of this? Our expert consultants at UNIKEY ACADEMY believes in long-term planning. One of the most important parts of the application process, the UCAS personal statement, needs to contain crucial extracurricular and work experiences that demonstrate your ability and motivation for studying PPE. Without careful planning for extracurricular activities, internships, and summer experiences during your secondary education, your personal statement will not be as strong as those candidates that have done all of the prerequisites. Our consultants will also help you with academic course planning, interview preparations, and help you achieve the test scores in TOEFL/IELTS/Admissions Tests needed to do a PPE.

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